Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • Rainy days and stash delight

    Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? It’s been a week since I’ve picked up my new furniture. When we left the lovely lady where we picked it up, it started snowing like crazy. And I mean crazy crazy because in no time there were traffic jams everywhere. Last week has been filled with …

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  • New furniture!

    Hello everyone! It has been a few days since my last post. Today it’s not crochet related, I just wanna show of my new pieces of furniture! Normally I don’t really buy (big) things from the internet like furniture, but the other day when I saw this table and chairs, I just couldn’t help myself! …

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  • Blankets, blankets, blankets!

    Hi there! And how is everyone doing today? It’s very white here today, as it has been snowing all night! I woke up to a very silent street today (which is pretty weird considering we’re next to the big shopping streets) as all the sounds were muffled by the snowy blanket. Actually a great idea …

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  • Past projects #2

    And how is everyone doing today? I’ve seen the first bit of sunshine in ages today so my day was pretty good! I figured I’d show another blanket I have made. Mind you, the pictures are not that great because I kinda forgot to take a few before I gifted the blanket, so they were …

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  • Past project #1, ‘First love’

    So the other day I said I would tell you about some of my past projects. When I started crocheting, I mostly made small things like teddy bears and other stuffed animals. That quickly upgraded to a pillow case and soon after that I started my first blanket. However, I think I don’t have any …

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  • Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

    Exciting! I guess nobody reads this for the moment but that’s okay. I’ll introduce myself a little bit first. I’m Kirsten, 21 years old and totally in love with handmade items. I live in the west of the Netherlands, together with my boyfriend Kevin and 2 black monsters commonly known as cats. These two kitties …

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