Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive!

    Hello hello everyone! How are you all doing? Just a quick message here to let you guys know I’m still alive. I’m just sooo incredibly busy with everything not crafty related I don’t get anything done at the moment! At my internship a few deadlines were coming pretty close so I had to really put …

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  • Long time no see!

    Hello party people! I’ve been pretty absent from this blog from the last 2 weeks (Shame on me)… Its just so busy everywhere! Work, internship, actually mostly those two but there’s just not that much time left for eating/sleeping, let alone crafting or blogging. I haven’t done anything crafty the last weeks! Unfortunately… 2 more …

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  • Oops…

    Hi guys! Just a quick message to let you know that I have not forgotten about you or this blog! It’s just that I have been terribly busy this week with a few upcoming deadlines (and I’m not feeling confident about being ready then, eeeeek!!) In a few weeks, everything will be back to normal …

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  • Sewing, or how little pieces of felt covered a laptop.

    Hello everybody! How are y’all doing today? I’ve been cheating…. On my crochet hook. With my sewing machine. It was… GREAT! I’ve made someting I’m very proud of; my first finished piece of sewing! It all started a while back (detour alert!!). When it was my birthday my family gifted me a sewing machine. I …

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