Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Freebie announcement cards!

    Hello dear people, how is everbody doing today? After a little touch of autumn, the summer seems to be kicking in for a little while longer so I’m enjoying the sunshine at the moment. Although I’m looking forward to storms, cold evenings and sitting under a blanket with a cup of choco as well… But …

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  • Neon pop

    So how is everybody doing today? I just re-discovered the delights of Instagram. I am usually to lazy to pull out my ‘big’ camera just to photograph some WIPs, resulting in no pictures. And the phone camera just isn’t doing it for me. But with those magic instagram filters, everything is prettified within seconds! So …

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  • Sampler blanket update #1

    The full pattern is now available in one post! Check it out here. Since thinking up this blanket I’ve tried to work on it now and then. Ofcourse I’m not as far as I would like but that’s the story of a crochet life right? Nevertheless I think it’s time for an update! It’s not …

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  • Pretty pins #5 Sewing bucket list

    Hi there! I thought it would be a better idea to make a new edition of pretty pins at the start of each month, instead of randomly making one when I felt like it. This edition is all about the sewing projects you always want to make, but for which you never find the time …

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