Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • Ta-dah: Primrose blanket

    Today’s all about showing you guys what became of the tons of flowers I was making and joining in the past few week. I’m very happy with how the whole blanket turned out! Yesterday I was at a family gathering and I brought the blanket with me to take a couple of pictures. I didn’t …

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  • Functionally chunky

    * Just a tiny experiment, I’m going to make my blogs bilangual for a while and see if that works for me (and you)!* *Een klein experimentje, ik ga mijn blog een tijdje tweetalig maken. Kijken of dat fijn¬†werkt!*     I’ve got a little (big) something I want to show you. A few months …

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  • Big fat oops!

    You know those moments, when you start something. You know for sure how it’s going to look like when it’s done? Untill you start to puzzle. Then suddenly nothing seems to work out anymore.   Well that’s what happened to me and my wing-it-as-you-go project. I had a clear picture in my mind. A hexagon …

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  • Pretty pins #14 Summer alert

    This time, the pretty pins are not focused around a particular subject. Rather it’s a roundup of everything I found to be sunny and perfect for this time of year!   1. Crochet bunting¬†by Lulu loves 2. In Treble afghan square by Julie Eager 3. Daisy blanket by Bunny mummy 4. Streamer Garland by Ashley …

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