Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • Almost done!

    Silly me, thinking that life would quiet down a little bit after finishing college. Yeah, no. I’m still busy juggling my job, the remnants of my internship, social life, this blog and since a couple of days moving between houses! Well, I guess a quiet life would be boring, ha! So I’m keeping busy. And I’ve been keeping …

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  • Retro WIP

    And a good day to you! I’m very excited to show you guys my WIP today. Oh, the groovyness ! Can you believe I worked very hard on this (it was a wonderful distraction from my deadlines for the internship)? The Softfun worked so wonderful, I think the stitch definition with this yarn really looks beautiful! …

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  • Pretty pins #15: Summer activities

    Sorry for the long break! After 2 month’s i’ve got another edition of pretty pins for you! And since it’s summer break pretty much everywhere (except the places where it’s winter break? Ouch, can’t imagine an August without heat and sun) I gathered a bunch of summer activities to do, alone or with friends! 1. Make your …

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