• Crochet lesson: how to make a granny square?

    Good afternoon everybody! I thought it was time to update the crochet lessons a little bit. Besides the tutorial on how to pick coloursĀ for your projects, and how to read crochet charts, I’ve also added a tutorial about how to crochet a granny square! It’s a step by step photo tutorial with a written pattern, …

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  • How to choose colours for your crochet project

    So, I completely forgot about this one… I’ve scheduled another WIP update on my Invicta extra shawl. Only to remember on sunday evening that I haven’t done anything since my last post. Oops… promise I’ll do so next week! Anyway, might be a nice chance to talk colours. I get a lot of questions how …

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  • How to read a crochet chart or diagram

    Crochet charts might look intimidating. But once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s not that difficult! Reading charts bring a whole new level to your crochet game, because you’re able to read patterns that are written in languages you can’t even pronounce! Wanna know how to read those charts? Then hop on over to …

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