The Granny Square is one of the staple patterns in crochet. Everybody has at one point made at least one of these iconic squares, either the original version or a variation. And you should, because it's both a great pattern to learn how to crochet, and a versatile one that never bores.

I'm a big fan of Granny Squares in multiple colours. While the original solid square is great for big projects like crochet blankets or as a project to use your colour pack on, changing colours in a Granny itself can deliver a little 'pow' to a smaller project. So I made a tutorial for you on how to work a Granny Square in rainbow colours. Because after all, Haak Maar Raak is the home of colour!

Making a Rainbow Granny Square


Like any crochet project, it starts with selecting your yarn. For a Rainbow Granny you can either choose to work with a (self-striping) rainbow yarn, or work with separate colours. I like to work with separate colours, as this gives you more control over when and where colour changes happen. So I chose a couple of soft shades of Scheepjes Cahlista, a 100% cotton yarn. I used the following colours:

  • Red: 256 Cornelia Rose
  • Orange: 386 Peach
  • Yellow: 522 Primrose
  • Green: 392 Lime Juice
  • Light Blue: 397 Cyan
  • Deep Blue: 384 Powder Blue
  • Purple: 520 Lavender
  • Pink: 519 Fresia

Of course, you can use any yarn and any number of colours you like. The pattern repeats itself so if you want to work with more or less colours, that's completely up to you.

Cahlista Rainbow colours for the Rainbow Granny Square

To go with my Cahlista, I used a 4.5mm crochet hook. Check your ball band for recommended hook sizes if you use a different yarn.

Tutorial words


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