• http://haakmaarraak.nl/i-have-made-alpaca-feather-fan-shawl/; The Feather and Fan shawl has a gorgeous drape and lacy pattern.

    I’ve made: Alpaca Feather & Fan shawl

    You can’t possibly know how excited I am to share this reveal with you! As I said earlier, using thin Alpaca yarn is a bit out of my comfort zone. And I won’t lie, it was something different from the more chunky yarns I crochet with usually, so it took me a while to get …

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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/last-dance-on-the-beach-week-2-star-square; Introducing the 'star square' for week 2 of the 2016 Scheepjes CAL 'last dance on the beach'. This square is designed by Kirsten from haakmaarraak.nl.

    Last dance on the beach – Week 14 – the border

    This is the final set of border instructions for the Last dance on the beach CAL. We’ve had an (emotional) rollercoaster of 14 weeks! Working hard on the squares, some easier than others. Next, the joining. I’ve seen many people recreating Marinke’s join, and others who created their own twist on the join. I’ve seen …

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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/wip-dance-to-the-rhythm; My feather and fan shawl with the Alpaca Rhythm is coming along nicely!

    WIP – Feather & fan shawl

    So last time I mentioned I have been eyeing a design for a while now. This ‘Feather & Fan shawl’ actually was one of the first designs I ever saw. It always stuck in my head: I knew I had to make something like it. Just one problem… It’s knitting. In mijn laatste post gaf ik aan dat …

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  • last-dance-on-the-beach-week-13-4

    Last dance on the beach – Week 13 – Joining

    It’s time for the next exciting part of this CAL-journey: the joining! As many of you know by now, We’ve finished this design for Marinke. But one of the parts of the blanket she completely finished is the joining! She used the so called ‘flat zipper’ method. This method creates a join which lays flat on …

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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/alpaca-rhythm-my-next-love; The alpaca rhythm is a lovely laceweight yarn, and perfect for my next project!

    Alpaca Rhythm – my next project

    What to do when inspiration hits? You put your hooks to work! Wat doe je als je opeens een vlaag van inspiratie krijgt? Dan zet je je haaknaalden aan het werk! Today the tulips inspire me. 🌷 #crochet #haken #ganchillo #haekeln #flowers #Scheepjes #Alpacarhythm #colour #crochetaddict #ilovecrochet #instagood #squareinstapic #haakmaarraak Een foto die is geplaatst …

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  • Week_12_square_Tammy

    Last dance on the beach – week 12 – Small waves square

    This is the final pattern for the Last dance on the beach blanket! After this week, we’ll have 2 more weeks to go filled with joining and bordering, and then we have a complete blanket! The square for this week has been designed by Tammy from Canadutch. She’s mainly a knitter (have you seen the fabulous …

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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/last-dance-on-the-beach-week-11-bobble-square/; This week's square has been designed by Annelies from Vicarno.com. Isn't it lovely?

    Last dance on the beach – week 11 – Bobble square

    We’re already in week 11! Can you believe it? We’re almost through with the squares… Too bad, I rather like seeing my stack grow! This week’s square has been designed by Annelies Baes from Vicarno.com. I’m sure you know her from the 2015 Scheepjes CAL ‘Flight of Fancy’, where she designed a gorgeous shawl! This square …

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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/last-dance-on-the-beach-week-10-driftwood-square/; This week's square has been designed by Sarah from Craftsfromthecwtch.co.uk. Isn't it lovely?

    Last dance on the beach – Week 10 – Driftwood square

    I hope you’re all caught up for this week’s square! I know a lot of you have been guessing who it would be this week, as there were 3 designers still remaining. The credit for this lovely square is all Sarah’s! She’s the blogger behind Crafts from the Cwtch (Cwtch being a Welsh word that …

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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/last-dance-on-the-beach-week-9-cable-square/; This week's square has been designed by Dedri Uys from LookatwhatImade. Isn't it pretty?

    Last dance on the beach – week 9 – Cable square

    Good morning! Are you ready for week 9? We’re nearing the end already, only 3 more weeks of motifs to go after this week! Dedri Uys from LookatwhatImade has designed the oh-so-pretty square this week! It’s a nifty cable design with a rhytmhical motion. She wrote a blogpost about it too! Goedemorgen! Zijn jullie helemaal klaar …

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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/last-dance-on-the-beach-week-8-tide-breaker-square/; This week's square has been designed by Jellina-creations! She's made this wonderful raised texture. It will look great in the finished blanket!

    Last dance on the beach – Week 8 – Tide Breaker square

    Good morning! I hope everybody is awake and ready for this week’s pattern! Jellina from Jellina-creations has created this beautiful square. If you’ve ever been to the Dutch province Zeeland, you can certainly relate to her story for this square. And if you haven’t, the pictures on her blog say it all. I love the texture that this …

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