• The history of Granny Squares (and 9 free Granny Square patterns)

    If there’s one pattern all crocheters know by heart, it’s the humble Granny Square. For most of us, it’s the first pattern we learn to crochet right after we learn how to make chains, single and double crochets. And rightfully so, as it’s one of those patterns that hits close to home. I’m sure every …

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  • De ‘Aan de Haak’ Dekenspecial en een winactie!

    This blogpost is about the Dutch crochet magazine ‘Aan de Haak’, and is thus written in Dutch. Vandaag heb ik iets speciaals met jullie te delen. Twee van mijn patronen zijn namelijk opgenomen in de nieuwe ‘Aan de Haak’ Dekenspecial! Aan de Haak Ken je Aan de Haak al? De naam verklapt het waarschijnlijk al: …

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  • Ta-dah: The Skyline pillow

    Today I’m showing you what came to be of my little squares: The Skyline pillow! When I finished my pillow and looked at it from a distance, the name came to me. It made me think of a foggy city skyline, with skyscrapers, towers and what have you not. The colours are much warmer than …

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  • My WIP report: Ombre pillow

    As promised last week I’m sharing some of my progress with you. As you can see, I’ve slowly turned my balls of colourful Catona into crochet. This is the early stage of my ombre pillow cover, something that has been cooking up in my brain for a few months but never got around to making. …

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  • Need for colour

    I’m feeling the need for colour again. The past weeks have been grey, as Summer has faded and Autumn came swooshing in. I can tell. Not just by the weather, but also by my cats who are lounging in the windowsill rather than spending their days outside. This board with Catona samples is right by …

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  • Ta-dah: The Larksfoot Rainbow Blankets

    The Larksfoot Rainbow blanket has been long in the making! I’ve started my big Larksfoot blanket while I was on tour in South Africa, since I just couldn’t resist the rainbow of colours that came rolling out of my closet when packing. I’ve been working on and off on it. Sometimes being put aside in …

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