• Plush Plunge Pillow pattern

    Zoek je het Nederlandse patroon? Klik hier. The Plush Plunge Pillow is the perfect little pillow to adorn your couch with. It combines two different types of yarn, and results in the softest and cuddliest pillow you have ever made. I’m telling you, you won’t just stop at one! The pattern for the Plush Plunge …

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  • The Paint Drip Blanket is now available!

    It’s been a long time coming since I’ve first teased you with the pictures of this blanket! From the moment the first teaser was posted I got an incredibly positive response. I won’t lie: It feels amazing that something I create is loved by others! The Paint Drip Blanket gets its name from the likeness …

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  • Ta-dah: Furry Tales pillows!

    Today I want to show you what became of my Furry Tales project: what a yarn! I’ve gone beyond my comfort zone with this project, using a type of yarn that I normally wouldn’t. But that leads to better results, right!? I think so! Vandaag laat ik dan eindelijk zien wat er van de bollen …

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  • WIP: Furry Tales project

    Last week I showed you Furry Tales, the new faux-fur yarn from Scheepjes that I’ve received! After that, I couldn’t wait to get started on my idea for this yarn. The first time I’m working with a yarn like this, and it feels so soft on the ball that I’m excited to see how my …

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  • Happy mail day: Furry Tales!

    Welcome back! I hope the holidays of 2019 have been kind to you, and that 2020 has many great things in store for you! My holidays were calm, and I’ve had plenty of time to sit and more or less plan the coming year for Haak Maar Raak. I can’t wait to show you some …

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  • The history of Granny Squares (and 9 free Granny Square patterns)

    If there’s one pattern all crocheters know by heart, it’s the humble Granny Square. For most of us, it’s the first pattern we learn to crochet right after we learn how to make chains, single and double crochets. And rightfully so, as it’s one of those patterns that hits close to home. I’m sure every …

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