• Very much!

    I will post an update on the sampler blanket soon! In the meantime, sway and swoon over this rainbow of colours. Wow, a few busy weeks have passed, but still I have a few left to go. After being present on two markets (Both Delft and Leiden) in two weekends in a row, I was …

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  • Crochet meet and button mania

    Hi there! I promised to write a post about the crochet meet organized by Wink and Nicollie, and here it is! It was really great to meet the faces behind the blogs. I’m a follower of many blogs on bloglovin’, but shamefully I neglected (up untill now) the Dutch blogs. Well that has changed my …

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  • Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

    Exciting! I guess nobody reads this for the moment but that’s okay. I’ll introduce myself a little bit first. I’m Kirsten, 21 years old and totally in love with handmade items. I live in the west of the Netherlands, together with my boyfriend Kevin and 2 black monsters commonly known as cats. These two kitties …

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