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  • Whirl: A colourful dillemma

    Ok, I’m in trouble now! I have more than enough yarn to crochet until the end of my days. But, Scheepjes has just released 5 new colours of their Whirl yarn… And of course I need to have one (or more)!   I’m having a hard time choosing. On the one hand I love the …

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  • Pretty pins #13 Blankets (again)

    It’s the start of a new month, so here’s a new collection of pretty pins! I figured that since blankets haven’t been featured forĀ at least a year, you would forgive me for the recurring subject and just go with the flow! This time I’ve included only crochet blankets, but there are plenty of those to …

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  • Update #3 on the Sampler blanket

    The full pattern is now available in one post! Check it out here. Hi there! It’s time for a new update, it has been about 2 months since the last one. Because of my multi-tasking (hehehe) I haven’t got much work done on it. Still, I think I’m about 1/3th through. I have to adjust …

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  • Back in action!

    I confess… That was not a week… I’m very sorry! The busy times just haven’t slowed down I guess. I’m still typing away at finishing my internship report and the windowsills at my home are still not done. So I’m sitting here at my dad’s with Kevin and the cats for over 2 weeks now, …

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  • Pretty Pins #1, Blanket inspiration

    Hello lovelies! And how is everybody today? I’ve been down with the flu all week, so there has not been a lot of hooky activity around the place, besides that I’m almost done bordering the new baby blanket. But more on that in another blog. One of the things I love to do is to …

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  • Blankets, blankets, blankets!

    Hi there! And how is everyone doing today? It’s very white here today, as it has been snowing all night! I woke up to a very silent street today (which is pretty weird considering we’re next to the big shopping streets) as all the sounds were muffled by the snowy blanket. Actually a great idea …

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