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  • Hygge CAL week 14 – Lining

    Are you ready for the final part of the Hygge CAL? Last week you finished your beautiful shawl! I hope you are as happy with the shawl as I am. For the finishing touch we’re going to line the shawl. Not only does it provide some extra weight and hides the embroidery ends, but it also helps …

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  • Hygge CAL week 13 – the border

      Guys, we’re nearly finished! The main part of the shawl has now been done. All that’s left to do is finish it with a pretty border, and finally line it! More on the lining next week, this week is all about the border. Jongens, we zijn er bijna! Het grootste gedeelte van de stola …

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  • Hygge CAL week 11

    Ok guys, brace, because this is the last week we’re going to do embroidery. I know many of you love it but I hope you’re also looking forward to wrapping up the project. But no worries, you can still get your Hygge fix because there are a couple more weeks of working on the shawl …

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  • Hygge CAL week 10

    Good afternoon! We’re about to start off week 10. This week we’ll have another small and rather delicate looking embroidery motif. It looks a bit like little diamonds! Just as the week 3 motif, it has little embroidered edges too. Enjoy, because next week we’re going to work on the final embroidery! Goedemiddag! We staan op …

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  • Hygge CAL week 9

    Week 9, the first week after the big center panel. Today we’re going back to the smaller embroidery sections, starting with a nice cartwheel design. You might have seen that the shawl is sort-of-mirrored on both sides of the backpanel. Not in terms of motifs, but in terms of colours. When designing I made sure that …

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  • Hygge CAL week 8

    We’ve passed the halfway point! Today we’re going to embroidery the second part of the backpiece. Did you enjoy the first part? I’ve seen so many beautiful creations, both following my design or implementing an own design! Some of you couldn’t wait to embroider the second part of the center flower too. I can’t blame …

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