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  • https://haakmaarraak.nl/book-review-granny-square-flair-by-shelley-husband-and-a-giveaway/; Book review: Granny Square Flair by Shelley Husband from Spincushions

    Book review: Granny Square Flair by Shelley Husband and a Giveaway!

    I think we’ve all started with, or made a granny square early on in our crochet journey. My second project was actually a big granny square blanket. And although the square seems simple, the variations are endless. Shelley Husband from Spincushions thought so too, and she created over 50 patterns and projects, all based on …

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  • haakmaarraak.nl/a-touch-of-granny; To celebrate National granny square day, here are 12 special or colourful crochet patterns for home and living, all made in, or possible in granny style!

    A touch of granny

    Today is National Granny square day! Do you know where the granny square originated? Well, me neither! The story about its origin is vague at best. Supposedly, they’re called Granny squares because back in the Victorian days, grannies would save scraps of yarn from old socks, leftover projects or unravelled fabric to make scrap squares. …

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  • Crochet lesson: how to make a granny square?

    Good afternoon everybody! I thought it was time to update the crochet lessons a little bit. Besides the tutorial on how to pick coloursĀ for your projects, and how to read crochet charts, I’ve also added a tutorial about how to crochet a granny square! It’s a step by step photo tutorial with a written pattern, …

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  • Ho ho ho!

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly right? I’m very jolly right now, but incredibly busy! I have a christmas dinner to prepare, presents to buy, hair to dye (actually that already happened and I’m not ultra-pleased with it) and papers to cut (more on that next year, I have a big big surprise!) Needless to …

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  • Free crochet pattern: Colourful rainbow granny square blanket

    This is the English version of the Rainbow Granny Square Blanket. If you’re looking for the Dutch (NL) version instead, click here. Yarns used in this granny square blanket  I’ve used Scheepjes Colour Crafter, a 100% premium acrylic yarn, 100g/300m: Yarn A: 1246 Maastricht x 1 ball Yarn B: 1132 Leek x 1 ball Yarn …

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  • Crochet is going vinyl!

    Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well on these days! It’s summer holiday here now and fortunately, the lousy weather decided that it would change from a ususal rainy grey sky to sun, sun, sun! My moods are uplifted instantly as there is finally a splash of summer to be found. However I’m …

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