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  • https://haakmaarraak.nl/how-to-block-your-crochet-or-knitted-items/; Does blocking feel like a mystery to you? It doesn't have to be! With just a few simple ingredients you can help your handmade project from done to finished. Read all about the techniques and misconceptions surrounding blocking on haakmaarraak.nl.

    How to block your handmade items

    Zoek je de Nederlandse uitleg? Klik hier!

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  • How to read a crochet chart or diagram

    Crochet charts might look intimidating. But once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s not that difficult! Reading charts bring a whole new level to your crochet game, because you’re able to read patterns that are written in languages you can’t even pronounce! Wanna know how to read those charts? Then hop on over to …

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