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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/new-crochet-pattern-rainbow-ripple-baby-blanket/; Rainbow ripple baby blanket, a colourful crochet pattern on haakmaarraak.nl!

    New crochet pattern: Rainbow Ripple baby blanket

    The rippling rainbow blanket is truly a play of colours! The ripples are soothing and relaxing to crochet, while the different colours provide the blanket with a big splash of colour. I chose to work this blanket with cotton, which has great stitch definition. This way, you can see the texture of the ripples even …

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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/new-pattern-hot-spot-pillow/; Hot spot pillow, a new crochet pattern on haakmaarraak.nl!

    New pattern: Hot spot pillow!

    The hotspot pillow is an easily customizable pillow case that brings a little pop of colour into your room! You can create any colour combination you want. This particular colour combination has two sides: One sunny and bright side, and one side for when you’re looking for more calmer colours. Or just mix it all up and make …

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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/world-animal-day-and-a-free-pattern/; The cheeky mice are made from a free crochet pattern on haakmaarraak.nl!

    Free crochet pattern: Cheeky mice cat toys

    Als je het Nederlandse patroon zoekt, moet je hier zijn! Happy World Animal Day! My poor kitty cats have to spend the day alone as I’m currently away on holiday (no worries, somebody is looking after them while we’re gone!) So to give them some feeling of festivity, I made a couple of small mice …

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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/ta-dah-and-free-crochet-pattern-summer-mandalas/; Summer mandala's, a craft project on haakmaarraak.nl!

    Ta-dah and free crochet pattern: Summer mandala’s

    Yes, yes, I know they were supposed to be balcony mandala’s. But it was grey and gloomy and not the kind of weather in which you’d like to stand on a couple of steps 20m above the ground! Plus, they would probably be droopy soon too. So I gave them a nice indoor spot! Ja, …

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  • New crochet pattern: Star stitch baby newborn blanket

    It took a little bit of tweaking, a little bit of trying to find the right colourcombo, and certainly a lot of yarn! But now I can proudly present the Star stitch blanket. It’s a clean and modern blanket which will surely be an eyecatcher in every room, either as a baby blanket or a …

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  • New crochet pattern: Animal Fingerpuppets

    The fingerpuppet family has starred in the Mollie makes, and is now available for purchase!  They look so cute and will most definitely make a great toy or gift! You won’t need much materials to make the pattern, just about 50 m of each primary colours and some scraps for details and you’re set! I’ve used …

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