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  • https://haakmaarraak.nl/free-crochet-pattern-hygge-pincushion/; The Hygge pincushion is perfect for small scraps and leftovers!

    Free crochet pattern: Hygge pincushion

    To make the most out of Hygge leftovers, I’ve designed a few bonus patterns to keep your hands busy a little bit longer! You also have a chance to use the kit extra’s here. And since I’m not one for wasted squares, I created a cute pincushion based on the gauge square! You can whip …

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  • Pretty Pins #2 Pincushions

      Hi everyone! how are you doing! It’s time for another edition of the pretty pins! It was not hard to come up with a new topic for this one. I’ve been looking for a cute pincusion like forever, but everytime I find one, 10 seconds later I spot a much cuter one… (story of …

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