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  • Pretty pins #3 Knitting goodness

      Time for a new edition of pretty pins! This time it will be revolving around knitting! I’ve been trying to learn this for ages now (constantly inspired by the lovely pictures on Pinterest) but I never seem to get past gartner stitch. My aim would be to knit the rainbow-hearted hot watter bottle (by …

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  • Pretty Pins #2 Pincushions

      Hi everyone! how are you doing! It’s time for another edition of the pretty pins! It was not hard to come up with a new topic for this one. I’ve been looking for a cute pincusion like forever, but everytime I find one, 10 seconds later I spot a much cuter one… (story of …

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  • Pretty Pins #1, Blanket inspiration

    Hello lovelies! And how is everybody today? I’ve been down with the flu all week, so there has not been a lot of hooky activity around the place, besides that I’m almost done bordering the new baby blanket. But more on that in another blog. One of the things I love to do is to …

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