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  • http://haakmaarraak.nl/i-made-a-southbay-shawlette-with-unicat/; Southbay shawlette on haakmaarraak.nl, a free pattern.

    I made: A Southbay Shawlette with Unicat

    A long, long time ago I bought a gorgeous skein of yarn from Blij dat ik Brei.   Yummy yarn! #unicat #whattomake #crochet #yarn Een foto die is geplaatst door Kirsten (@haakmaarraak) op 4 Apr 2014 om 8:00 PDT As you can see, a long time ago. It’s a skein of Unicat, a 50% wool/50% …

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  • Vintage Sweet Shawl reveal

    So I’ve worked pretty hard the past week to finish this scarf. And to be honest, right up untill the end I had no idea how the edging would look like. But when I got to it, I had a sudden moment of clarity and I think it fits perfectly! I didn’t make fringes after …

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  • WIP (for real this time)

    So this time I actually made some progress on my winter scarf! Last time I showed it to you it was only a bunch of pink granny clusters. Now I have started on the brown part, it makes such a difference! Deze keer heb ik écht wat vooruitgang geboekt met mijn wintersjaal. De laatste keer …

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  • Winter is coming…

    Yes, the weather has most definitely shown its rougher and darker side the past week. It’s raining a lot, the wind is howling and in general the sun is nowhere to be seen. So I’m preparing for winter, and my scarf is coming along nicely! It’s a sweet repetitive pattern. Not much thinking involved and perfect for …

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  • The start of a new project

      It’s one of those days… Yes! New yarn has arrived. Remember I made the Primrose blanket? Well, I still had lots of lilac yarn left. So off I went and picked a complimentary colour. I love the combo brown and pink! Het is weer zo’n dag! Ja, er kwam weer wat garen voor mij …

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