22.Feb.20 / Kirsten Ballering

Nice to meet you!

I'm Kirsten, and I design colourful crochet patterns. Blankets and home decor are my favourite items to create, but you will also find the occasional shawl, pot holder, motif or mandala on my blog. All with a modern and colourful take, of course.

Together with my husband, I live in a quiet part of the busy Netherlands. He doesn't necessarily share my love for creativity and rainbows, but he does love technology and is the silent force behind all the technical parts of

You can find all my patterns on this site. Either in the Free Patterns section, or as a printable PDF in my Haak Maar Raak shop.


I've published my designs in crochet magazines such as Simply Crochet, YARN bookazine, Mollie Makes and Inside Crochet. Some of my patterns even made it into books! You can read more about these designs on my publications page.

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