Graphic support for crochet designers

13.Mar.24 / Kirsten Ballering

Crochet diagrams and graphics

Are you looking for somebody who can make crochet diagrams for your patterns? I've made hundreds of crochet diagrams and graphics throughout my design career. Not only for my own patterns and publications but also for printed books and YARN bookazine. I can create charts and graphics for your patterns, from scratch. Almost anything is possible because I'm not using pre-programmed crochet charting software. Not only in fonts, colours, shapes and sizes but also in displaying stitches or adding inserts or texts to help crocheters understand the chart.

I also made my fair share of graphics. They help convey essential clues that might be hard to capture on camera (or that you've forgotten to photograph when you had the chance - I've been there). Tiny graphics and extensive tutorials, I've made them all!

Simple charts, complex charts, colour layouts.

An example of pattern styling

How can we work together?

I work on an hourly basis. The amount of time I spend on a chart mostly depends on the difficulty and size of the pattern. A guideline is that a simple chart (think granny blanket with a border, small mandalas of 10-15 rounds) takes around 1-2 hours. Complex patterns (hoop-sized mandalas, Clothing) can take up to much more. Please note that I am not a technical editor. While I may spot issues when charting, it's not my core business.

I preferably work from sketched diagrams or graphics, as that shows me how you envision the image and eliminates the need for me to figure out the diagram from the text (thus reducing time spent). When you contact me, we can discuss an estimate for the work you want me to do. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.


Upon payment for the charts, I'll waive copyright and any other rights to the charts and graphics I made for you. You can do with them as you please, and no need to credit me in a footnote. I only ask that if anybody asks how you made those nifty charts, you refer them back to me 😉.

Does this resonate with you? Great! Do you want to discuss or ask me something? Even better! Email me at with your pattern, and we can discuss your project and how I can help you.

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