Free crochet patterns

Crochet patterns

When I wanted to learn to crochet I was mostly looking for free crochet patterns. To be honest, I wasn't quite sure the hobby would stick and I didn't want to purchase patterns that I would not use. So I've spent my time searching for the projects I like best: big and colourful crocheted blankets.

Over time, I noticed that there were relatively few high-quality free crochet patterns available, especially for beginning crocheters like me. They were all assuming that I would know all abbreviations, could read charts and know how to block my crochet. And as a beginner, these things were not that clear to me. So I've made a point of giving my readers tutorials, explanation and crochet diagrams for as many of my patterns as I can.

I'm still in the process of updating some of my earlier patterns with links to tutorials, how-to's and informative articles, so I'm constantly updating and improving them.

Colourful crochet blankets and home decor

In the past years, I've published over 40 free crochet patterns and I'm not planning to stop! Are you looking for your next crochet project? Let me highlight a few of my favourites for you.

If you like colourful things, want to crochet a blanket and want to learn a lot of stitches have a look at my Colourful Rainbow Blanket. If you're looking for a Granny Square crochet blanket you should take a look at my Rainbow Granny Square Blanket.

And when you're not necessarily looking for a colour explosion but rather something more delicate, try the Spicy Diamond Blanket. It's a little more subtle in terms of colours and a great project to work on. All of these projects are free and are accompanied by stitch diagrams, photo tutorials and colour schematics.

Have a look at some of my other patterns too. You'll find colourful home decor such as Ombré pillows, quick coasters and vivid potholders. But also the occasional crocheted shawl or wristies. I encourage you to try them out!

If you still can't find what you're looking for, Scheepjes has helped me and my fellow tribe of Scheepjes bloggers to publish quite the collection of patterns. So definitely give the other patterns a browse. Who knows what you will find!

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