We love rainbows!

Rainbows are one of the things I can't get enough of. And I don't think I'm alone, because there's lots of love for crochet rainbows! Ever since I was a child, I was drawn to colourful paintings and bright and exciting patterns. Now I am an adult and living together with my family I can't always get my way in terms of colour. But my domain is crochet, and I can design to my heart's desire! That means that I have created my fair share of rainbow crochet patterns for you to enjoy. Some are bright, some are toned-down, some are partial and other designs contain the full colour spectrum: there's a rainbow for every project.

Rainbow baby blankets

If you're looking for Rainbow baby crochet patterns, I've got you covered. For example, with the Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket. It's a colourful and bright design, made with over 17 colours of Scheepjes Cotton 8. You can keep the colour as I designed them, but the design lends itself to creating a rainbow of your own, with your favourite colours in the spotlight! Another colourful throw is the Little Larksfoot Rainbow Baby blanket. It's a free baby blanket crochet pattern, made with bright and bold colours of Scheepjes Stone Washed. It's a focal point for every room, and easy to modify in size if you want to make a bigger throw. And if you're looking for a slightly larger baby afghan, try the Origami Rainbow Blanket. It's made with a colour pack of Scheepjes Metropolis, meaning over 80 colours of yarn are incorporated. It's the perfect stash buster project. If you're aiming to make crochet blankets, do read my in-depth guide about blocking. I promise you it's going to make your crochet blankets look even better!

Rainbow pillows

And with a comfy blanket goes a comfy pillow, right? Crochet pillow patterns are a fun project to make. They're quick, they're colourful and so easy to swap in and out! You could give the Rainbow wave pillow a try. This crochet cushion has a colourful base, with white waves worked over it. The bold contrast makes the different tints stand out even more. The Hot Spot Pillow is another bright crochet pattern you can give a try. One side is made with warm colours and the other side with fresh colours. Easy to switch up to your every mood. And if you're up for something fancy, try the XOXO pillow! This pattern uses so-called 'crossed trebles' to create a striking gradient. Rainbow, Ombre, whatever it is that strikes your fancy.

Christmas rainbow crochet patterns

Looking back, I tend to crochet a lot of rainbows for Christmas. It might not be traditional, but it surely is colourful! Rainbow Christmas trees are my favourite. Not only are they simple to make, but they are so easy to style! I've got the big Rainbow Christmas Tree crochet pattern, and also the smaller Ice Pop Christmas trees if you're looking for a smaller project. Or what to think of the Rainbow Holly Garland? A bright Christmas garland with lovely holly leaves and berries. There's a lot more, so have a browse around the website and see if you can find other crochet patterns that you like!

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