It's the start of a new month, so here's a new collection of pretty pins! I figured that since blankets haven't been featured for at least a year, you would forgive me for the recurring subject and just go with the flow! This time I've included only crochet blankets, but there are plenty of those to drool over, right? This edition includes some easy-peasy beginner blankets and some more advanced crochet projects, but all have turned out great!

1. Sunny spread blanket by Dove and Madden 2. Grandma's blanket by Jellina creations 3. Beautiful baby blanket on Patty crochete (note: English pattern is in the comments!) 4. Starburst baby blanket by CreativeJewishmom 5. Neon edged granny square by PieceofACookie 6. Anemone, field of flowers on Scotty's Place (I found the pattern online, with a different joining here) 7. Harlequin blanket on CocoRose Textiles.


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