Feather and Fan Shawl

28.Jul.16 / Kirsten Ballering

The Feather & Fan shawl is a modern take on the traditional pattern. The used colours are bright and bold, and the lace structure of the used stitch repeat creates a beautiful drape. The pattern is suitable for everybody who likes the challenge of working with laceweight yarn. The pattern is written in US terms.

The pattern for the Feather and Fan Shawl is also available as a styled and advertisement- free PDF in the Haak Maar Raak shop.

Materials and preparation


Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm (80% Alpaca, 20% fine wool blend, 25g/200m)
  • Colour A: 666 Merengue x 2 balls
  • Colour B: 668 Disco x 2 balls
  • Colour C: 662 Paso x 2 balls
  • Colour D: 651 Quickstep x 2 balls

Shop the yarn

You can get Alpaca Rhythm via Scheepjes retailers, such as:

Crochet hook

3.5mm (US Size E/4).


The shawl measures 160cm (63in) in length and 68cm (27in) in width after blocking.


One finished and blocked stitch repeat measures 7cm (2.75in) in width and 2cm (0.8in) in height.


  • The 18 rows per colours used in the pattern make the most use of the yardage on your skein (I had literally 5m of each colour left). However, if you have a gauge that’s different and you end up using more yarn for the shawl, you might want to reduce this to 17 rows per colour to ensure you have the same amount of row repeats in all colours.
  • I’ve used stitch markers to help keep track of what every centre of a fan repeat is.

Abbreviations (US Terms)

  • ch: chain
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • RS: Right side
  • ss: slip stitch
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • tr: treble crochet
  • WS: Wrong side

Repeat formats

  • *….; rep from * once/twice/3x Crochet the instructions after * and then repeat that section a further number of times as indicated.
  • (…) once/twice/3x Crochet the instructions between brackets the total number of times indicated.
  • […] Indicates the amount of stitches at the end of a row or round.

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Crochet pattern


Start with Colour A, ch 152.

Row 1 (RS) Starting in 3rd ch from hook, 150hdc, turn. [150 hdc]

Row 2 (WS) Ch4 (counts as first tr), 3tr in same st, 1tr in next st, (skip 1 st, 1tr) 6 times, 4tr in next st, *4tr in next st, 1tr, (skip 1 st, 1tr) 6 times, 4tr in next st; repeat from * another 8 times. ch2, turn. [150 tr]

Row 3 1hdc in each st, turn.

Repeat rows 2-3 another 17 times. Cut yarn.

Join Colour B with a ss in the first st. Repeat rows 2-3 18 times. Cut yarn.

Join Colour C with a ss in the first st. Repeat rows 2-3 18 times. Cut yarn.

Join Colour D with a ss. in the first st Repeat rows 2-3 18 times. Cut yarn.

Weave in all ends, and block your piece.

Adjusting the size

The stitch multiple of this pattern is 15 + 2 ch.

To adjust the length of the shawl, simply add or omit repeat of rows 2-3. Each row 2-3 repeat adds ~2.2cm (0.85in).

To make the shawl wider, you can add multiples of 15 to the beginning chain. For example, 152 + 15 ch, or 152 + 45 ch. Each added multiple of 15 adds ~6.8cm (2.6in) to the final width of your shawl. Make sure to adjust the number of pattern repeats in the instructions accordingly.


Crochet diagram Feather & Fan shawl

Diagram 1


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