I've got a little (big) something I want to show you. A few months back, I won these beautiful grey skeins of Stylecraft super chunky in their contest. It came with a pattern, including a throw and 2 types of pillows. However, it was a knitting pattern. And we all know how I think about knitting right? 'Wonderful, but I'm afraid I have a buttload to learn if I want to make this blanket'.

So off I went to my grandma, asked if she wanted to help me with the blanket. Mind you, I asked her to help. Check for a few rows to see if I got the pattern right, work back if I made a mistake, that kind of help. I left the skeins with her, because it was too much of a fuss to carry around. Mistake #1 was made. I came back after a week and suddenly the first part of the blanket was done. 'I had some time on my hands!'. I figured that at the end of the day I would take the project home with me. Ha, rookie mistake #2. The blanket never left the house. Ever.

After a while, I left it like that and every time I visited, the blanket had grown. Last week she told me she was done. And it's a beautiful warm blanket!

It's quite large, about 1.60 by 1.20m (guestimate, I haven't measured it exactly). It's also quite heavy, considering that there are 18 100g skeins incorporated. The two leftover balls became the front side of a pillow (the grey pillow in the pattern). That, however, has to be saved for another blogpost as the pillow hasn't been blocked properly.


Prachtige deken. Beautiful blanket. Heerlijk zo'n oma, die je zo goed helpt met je deken:). Your grandma is a really special women, helping you so well with your blanket :)).

(Misschien een idee: zet alle Nederlandse tekst bij elkaar en alle Engelse ook. Zet bovenaan een zinnetje: scroll voor Nederlands naar beneden. De tekst leest dan lekker vlot achter elkaar weg.)

Groetjes, Margaret June 17, 2014 08:44 - Reply
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