• https://haakmaarraak.nl/free-crochet-pattern-borealis-blanket/; The free crochet pattern for the Borealis blanket is available on http://haakmaarraak.nl

    Ta-dah: The Borealis blanket

    The Borealis blanket I couldn’t wait, I really wanted to show you the finished blanket! I’ve posted pictures on my Instagram about working on the separate motifs. I actually thought I would work a lot longer on this blanket, but it went like a breeze and I finished it quite quickly. The name came about …

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  • https://haakmaarraak.nl/our-tribe-a-bloggers-yarn/; These are the shades of the new yarn 'Our Tribe'! You can find more info on this yarn on haakmaarraak.nl

    Our tribe, a bloggers’ yarn!

    So you might have seen the recent announcement by Scheepjes that something new was coming, and I’m going to tell you what it is! Last year, we all got to pick colours for a top-secret project. And this year the project is no longer a secret: Thanks to Scheepjes, we bloggers now have our very …

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  • https://haakmaarraak.nl/a-cohana-creative-christmas/; A colourful gift guide for the crafter who already has it all!

    A Creative Christmas gift guide

    “Creative Christmas – A gift guide for crafters who already have more yarn than close space” If you’re like me, chances are you got a big yarn stash. There’s a part ‘practical’ stash which you use for swatching, designing, actually making items. This is the stash that gets regularly replaced and contains all you favourite …

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  • https://haakmaarraak.nl/a-new-project-with-river-washed; This is going to be a hexagon blanket!

    A new project with River Washed

    I got me some new yarn to play with! It’s probably no secret that I have a major yarn crush on Scheepjes Stone Washed. I’ve used it for multiple designs such as the Star stitch blanket and Anchor pillow. Since a few months, Stone Washed has gotten a sister yarn: River Washed. Ik heb wat …

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  • Free crochet pattern: Chroma wristies

    Zoek je het Nederlandse patroon? Klik dan hier! I’m so happy I can finally show you my new wristies design: The Chroma wristies! These beauties were in the making a few months ago. They were almost finished, I just needed to tweak the trebles a bit so they twist up your arms a bit more. …

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  • https://haakmaarraak.nl/wonderful-mail/; Don't you just love my Shawl of secrets?

    Wonderful mail

    Hi guys! Today I want to share with you a lovely parcel that I received some weeks ago. Happy mail day! I received this lovely present from Amanda from The Calm Nook crafts, so sweet! It didn’t come out of the blue, it has a bit of a backstory. You see, I had been eying …

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