Time for a new edition of pretty pins! This time it will be revolving around knitting! I've been trying to learn this for ages now (constantly inspired by the lovely pictures on Pinterest) but I never seem to get past Gartner stitch. My aim would be to knit the rainbow-hearted hot water bottle (by the way, Wikipedia says a synonym for Hot water bottle is 'Dutch wife'. WHY???)

Are you guys ready?

1. Hot water heartie 2. Urchins all around 3. Travel bags 4. Knitting bowl 5. Entrelac pillow

Aren't they pretty? Each time I see one of these pics or something like it the urge to get back to learn how to knit is there. I guess I just have to make time for it but somehow the time never agrees with me on that one. Those bags are adorable!!! Just to have them around displaying your WIPs would be awesome!! And the entrelac pillow... Just gorgeous.

One thing I love about knitting is that the colour changes or motives can be much more subtle when compared to crocheting. Crochet is overall more bulky, harsher in those things, and knitting more delicate ( of course there are exceptions). And I think knitting is more suitable for creating clothing for the same reasons.

Do you guys have a knitting project you've always wanted to start on, but never found the time to do so?


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