Hi everyone! Shamefully I have to admit that the last edition of Pretty Pins was back in May. I completely forgot about it... Sorry! But here is a new edition, this time the theme (aww yeah, alliteration) is gardens and so it's all about how my perfect garden would look like... IF I HAD ONE! No people, not even a balcony can be found here....

1. This link went dead... But just look at the small stones in between the larger ones! 2. Large clampshell planter 3. Hammock seat 4. Glow-in-the-dark pathway 5. Staircase planter

Isn't it beautiful? Of course, for this to be realized in one garden I would need a veranda for the hammock, a large table to put the clamshell planter on, then stairs down a hill (I would love to grow herbs in those) with a small pond at the end to create the stepstones in #1. The glow-in-the-dark steps would be at the front of the house. Well, it doesn't sound that difficult. Except that in the Netherlands we do not have many hills... Or veranda's for that matter although that could be a DIY-project for Kevin one day. Just keep dreaming!

ps. If you want to see more of this garden delight, check out and follow my garden board at Pinterest! I can already tell you that I have a weak spot for succulents.


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