Hi there! I thought it would be a better idea to make a new edition of pretty pins at the start of each month, instead of randomly making one when I felt like it. This edition is all about the sewing projects you always want to make, but for which you never find the time to do so. I think everyone has a sewing bucket list, this is part of mine!

1. Little cute monsters 2. Cute Lilo 'n Stitch plushie, sorry guys a dead link! 3. Wristlet Key fobs 4. Bunting pillow 5. Fruity pillows 6. Fabric snail 7. Floor pillow 8. Mismatched sock snake

Pffw, lots of pictures this time! They're all very, very cute! The floor pillow is from Plümo, unfortunately one costs around 275 euros. Might be worth the trouble to figure out how to make one myself! Although I am overall not a plushie person, the Kawaii fruit pillows are way to cute to pass, right? Ah well, I guess I should get my sewing machine back on the table soon.

Do you guys have any projects on your sewing bucket list absolutely worth sharing? Tell me in the comments!


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