Hello there! It's the beginning of the month, so it's time for another edition of 'Pretty pins'! Coincidentally, today is the yearly anniversary of the last day of the Siege of Leiden. This morning I was woken up at 7.15 AM by a marching band playing 'Blurred Lines'... Plenty of time to put together this edition! And no, I will not be joining in the typical celebrations by eating herring and white bread. I don't think my stomach can handle that in the early morning.

Anyhow, back to where it's all about. With Christmas (and St. Nicolas for the Dutchies among us) it's about time that we gather some idea's about how to wrap up all those beautiful gifts! I've collected a few of my favorite pins on this subject (As you can see by the large compilation I couldn't really choose).

1. Yarnspiration! 2. Dead link but hey, a beautiful way to use up those old scraps of lace! 3. Neon paper gift bows 4. Use those stamps! 5. For your S/O 6. Dead link but get crafty with those papercut snowflakes! 7. Garden themed packages 8. Autumn leaves 9. The Christmas feeling


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