The start of a new month, and therefore another collection of Pretty Pins! This time, it's all about jewelry. Let's be honest: we all want to look our best during the holidays. Accessories are a fundamental part of that. Too bad the pretty ones can be quite expensive! Therefore I made a compilation of some of the best homemade jewelry that is to be found on Pinterest. Not all are Christmas-proof (I can imagine the tassels of #2 hanging in your dip sauce), but there's no question about it, they're all Pretty pins!

1. This bracelet appeals to my button mania 2. Oh no, a dead link! But we're a crafty bunch and can figure this one out for ourselves. 3. Another dead link... But this one is easy peasy for us crochet maniacs! 4. I expect a unicorn to jump into the frame any second now 5. Everybody can look fabulous wearing this bracelet (and I LOVE the button) 6. Great use of scrap leathers 7. Let's get yarny!

This is some serious jewelry porn right here ladies! I actually got myself some bangles to make #2 for the holidays, still have to find time to do it though. If it is done at all, it will probably happen in between all the Christmas cooking and baking. Not that our minds are already set on Christmas. No no, my friends, Sinterklaas is happening first! For those of you unaware of this Dutch holiday, it's (of course) all about having fun, having a nice meal together with family and friends, but most importantly: for the little ones it's all about presents! It's a bigger deal than Christmas here. Well, I'm off to prepare a little bit more for next week's market! I hope to take some nice pictures there as that didn't really happen at the one on Saturday.


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