Rainbow Sampler CAL

Rainbow Sampler Blanket CAL

This page groups all the posts on Haak Maar Raak that are about the Rainbow Sampler CAL. This Crochet-A-Long will run from May 6th until July 15th. In 11 weeks we'll create the striking Rainbow Sampler Blanket, one of the most popular patterns on Haak Maar Raak. Care to join us? The response to this CAL so far has been incredibly positive, with over 500 participants actively working on it!

The pattern

I've completely rewritten the old pattern for this blanket. I've made countless photos and graphics to help you understand all the different stitches that you'll be making. So to avoid any confusion, the old pattern has been removed from my website. From May 6th 2020, a part of the pattern will be uploaded to my blog once a week until all parts are available. From that point on, the pattern will remain available indefinitely on my blog. Scroll down for the available pattern parts. If you don't want to wait until the pattern parts have all been published, you can purchase the printable PDF of the full pattern in my Haak Maar Raak shop (70-page PDF with all the crochet instructions you could ever wish for).

Stitches used in the blanket

The CAL is geared towards starting crocheters who have just learned the basics of crochet, and now want to expand their skills. We're going to do stitches such as the Larksfoot stitch, the Herringbone Half Double Crochet, the Star Stitch and Surface Crochet stitches. All these stitches are, or will be explained with photo tutorials. The pattern itself contains sections where I explain more about the stitches, the approach on incorporating them in this blanket and little tips and tricks to help you understand what you are doing.

The yarn

This CAL is made with Scheepjes Colour Crafter, a 100% premium acrylic yarn. I've chosen this yarn because it's readily available, and has loads of beautiful colours to choose from (quite important if you're working on a Rainbow Sampler Blanket, in my opinion!). You can find Colour Crafter at stores like Wool Warehouse, Deramores and Black Sheep Wools. However, if you're unable to order the yarn in, or want to work with stash yarn, you can put together your own palette. I've written more about how much we'll be using of each colour here (scroll to the bottom of that post).

Where can I find the pattern support?

The CAL runs in my Facebook Haak Maar Raak community. There, all fans of Haak Maar Raak gather to share their progress with each other. If you have any questions about the pattern, somebody there can surely help you along! Of course, I'll be available in the group too.

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