Hi there!

You're probably looking for the Rainbow Sampler Blanket pattern. I've pulled the pattern offline for a little bit as on May 6th a big CAL is going to start. I've revamped the complete pattern, and to have two versions online would be confusing, don't you agree? You can read more about the CAL on my info page.

If you've already started the old pattern and need it, please pop me an email via kirsten@haakmaarraak.nl and I'll make sure you receive the pattern.


Heather Church
Hi Kirsten, I am currently using this pattern on line. Happy to purchase if I need or Can I still download?
Heather Church April 05, 2020 08:40 - Reply
Hi Heather,
pop me an email via kirsten@haakmaarraak.nl and I'll help you further. I can't mail you myself as my new site doesn't collect emailadresses for replies :) April 05, 2020 08:59 - Reply
Hi Kirsten, don't know why, but I can't email you from Yahoo, and I, too, have already started the pattern. Any help would be appreciated, the afghan is lovely. I am at [redacted]
Thanks again, Debra April 05, 2020 20:03 - Reply
I will, I'll remove your e-mail address from your comment as well :) April 05, 2020 20:23 - Reply
Susan Poulin
im no row 40 April 05, 2020 20:54 - Reply
Susan Poulin
I didn't down load it so now I'm stuck. I will purchase if needed April 05, 2020 20:57 - Reply
Susan Poulin
I tried to email and it won't go April 06, 2020 03:04 - Reply
Hi I am in the same boat, I’m part way through this blanket and can’t send email from yahoo. Please help me April 05, 2020 21:03 - Reply
Oops! Cancel that. My email just sent! April 05, 2020 21:11 - Reply
I am on row 111.... April 05, 2020 22:25 - Reply
Jenny Crawford
I just sent you an email! 😊 April 06, 2020 01:55 - Reply
Jenny Christian
I just sent you an email as well. April 06, 2020 03:46 - Reply
Andrea Leseberg
Working on it too! I’ll email you now! April 06, 2020 05:10 - Reply
E. J. Morgan
Just started and have all the yarn etc. I would be happy to pay for the pattern but don't want to just stop and wait until May. April 06, 2020 20:07 - Reply
Would this be appropriate for a beginner? April 07, 2020 16:27 - Reply
Nooooooo, I am right in the middle of making this row 105. :(( April 08, 2020 04:43 - Reply
I too had started. Happy to pay. April 08, 2020 10:19 - Reply
Vicki Hale
I’m sending you an email as well. Thank you! April 09, 2020 17:54 - Reply
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