Hanging Summer Mandalas

20.Jul.15 / Kirsten Ballering

Want to know how to make your own summer mandalas? Just follow the instructions below!

Materials and preparation


Scheepjes Cotton 8 (100% cotton, 50g/170m)
  • Colour A: 663 x 1 ball
  • Colour B: 664 x 1 ball
  • Colour C: 723 x 1 ball
  • Colour D: 724 x 1 ball
  • Colour E: 725 x 1 ball
  • translucent string
  • wallpaper adhesive
  • brush
  • styrofoam or slab of wood
  • tinfoil

You can find Cotton 8 at Scheepjes retailers such as:

Crochet hook

3.5mm (US Size E/4).


Gauge is not critical for this project

Abbreviations (US Terms)

  • :

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Crochet pattern

Making the doilies

For this project I didn’t design my own patterns. Instead, I’ve used various patterns you can find on Pinterest. I’ve made:

  • this one in 724 (petrol),
  • this one in 725 (sea blue),
  • this one twice in 665 (light blue green, small version, omit the outer two rows and create a small picot in the point of each bow) and in 723 (emerald, complete pattern).
  • this one, in 663 (mint)

When you’ve finished the patterns, wetblock them. It helps to get the shape right and although in the glue-stage they will deform a little bit, it really really helps!

Stiffening the doilies

Next, it’s time to get your wallpaper adhesive ready. I just followed the instructions on the package. You really need a tiny, tiny amount. I made the mixture with 20 grams of powder and I had about 90% of the glue left. Once your glue is ready, apply it to your mandalas using a sponge brush (or any brush you’ve got on hand). I’ve put mine on a board covered in tin foil, to make sure I didn’t glue them to the surface. Really saturate the pieces with glue but make sure that there are no big blobs left. I made sure by sponging my brush over the mandala’s a couple of times. make sure your mandalas are in shape (you can easily pull them out of shape if they’re saturated with glue) and leave them be.

Really leave them be. If the glue instructions said 24 hours, take 48. Really, it takes a long time for them to dry completely. They will look squishy and soft right up until the end. Then suddenly the will become rock solid!

And then you’re nearly finished! All you have to do is tie some string or ribbon to your doilies and give them a place to sparkle and shine in the sunlight!


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