Wow, the first week of embroidery is off to a great start! My feed is filled with Hygge shawls, adaptations and cross-stitch and it’s filling me with joy to see that you are embracing the cross stitches and are looking forward to week 3!

In the Facebook groups that are set up for the CAL community there are many talented ladies (and men!) who are making their own version of the Hygge shawl. With their permission, I’d like to show you some of my favourites!

1. Hygge Shawl by Jill Haakt

Aren’t her colours just perfect? The combination of a brown background and warm embroidery colours really give off a very ‘Hygge’ vibe.

2. Pastel Combination by Linda Godrie

Linda has switched out some of the colours from the Pastel kit with her own colours. The result is so very warm and colourful! Well done Linda!

3. Hygge Shawl by Miranda Smits

Miranda has added her own touch of Hygge by adding little sequins to the separator row. Brilliant!

4. Hygge Shawl by Clare Lander

Clare has chosen for all sorts of blues on a white background. It looks so sophisticated! I’m really excited to see the full shawl in these colours!

5. Hygge Shawl by Sylvia Wezemer – van der Veer

Sylvia has used her own yarns to make the Hygge CAL. I love her little twist on the separator row and the pearls she has placed in the center of the embroidery motifs. Changes like these are a great way to make a pattern your ‘own’!

6. Hygge shawl by Helle Reed

Helle has put together her own colours for the Hygge shawl. The very soft lilac base with the variety of purple and pink shades are just amazing! It’s funny to see how Helle put together these colours, because it looks like she works just like me: 2 or 3 really bright highlights, a few really deep colours and all others ranging in between. It’s a great recipe for balanced colour palettes!

7. Hygge Shawl by Patience Boggis

hmm, these sweet colours really make me long for spring! The flowers are so colourful and happy. As you see she changed the middle flower motifs to stand out from the others: I think it’s a great choice!

8. Hygge Shawl by Anci Bjärnhag Gustafson

Anci has opted for a soft and dreamy palette, in shades of pink, beige and white! It looks amazing and I can’t wait to see how her complete shawl will look like!

If you’re not in the groups already, I really urge you to join! They are filled to the brim with inspiration, encouragement and support. You can find the Dutch one here, and the International group here!


What a beautiful compilation! Everyone one of them is so inspiring. I love this group! February 27, 2017 15:26 - Reply
Me too <3!! February 27, 2017 16:01 - Reply
Mooi zeg.
Het is niet makkelijk om een 'juiste' combinatie te maken. Ben heel erg benieuwd, want hopelijk krijg ik morgen mijn eigen samengestelde pakket binnen, en dan is het hopen dat het past en mooi uitkomt. Deze combinaties zijn in ieder geval erg geslaagd. Ook leuk om te zien hoeveel er mogelijk is! February 27, 2017 15:54 - Reply
Ik ben benieuwd Michelle! Maar dat zal vast goedkomen :) Bijzonder he, hoeveel variatie toch mogelijk is! February 27, 2017 16:00 - Reply
I joined your project and am very proud about it. Do you allow me to mention your site next time I write about the CAL Sheepjes 2017 ?
Thank you for your talent.
Kindest regards from France. February 27, 2017 15:56 - Reply
Of course, Catherine :) ! February 27, 2017 16:00 - Reply
I'm preparing it right now. Thank you for allowing me. ♥ March 07, 2017 19:31 - Reply
Helle Reed
I love this CAL Kirsten. It's so pretty. The very first time I saw it, I just knew I had to make it :-) February 27, 2017 16:37 - Reply
I'm having so much fun working on your beautiful design Kirsten! Initially I ordered the Jewel kit, but I decided to swap some colours and work with my ultimate selection. Looking forward to release of part 3 :-)! Judith February 27, 2017 21:27 - Reply
Hoi Kirsten,

Is het mogelijk om een indicatie te geven hoe lang de sjaal wordt?
Alvast bedankt,
Anna February 28, 2017 21:11 - Reply
180 bij 36 centimeter las ik ergens op de site van Scheepjeswol March 02, 2017 13:55 - Reply
This pattern is GORGEOUS ! I would so much love to make it but I've got so much yarn already... would it be possible to buy the PATTERN ONLY ??? Thanks for your answer.
In stitches,
Nadine March 03, 2017 08:46 - Reply
Hi Nadine,

good news, the pattern is free ;) You can find it on March 08, 2017 18:40 - Reply
Loretta Morandin
I love all of the colour combos. I've finished a bunch a wip's and just working out the colours for my Hygge. I have the rainbow and mermaid kits and aiming for some sort of dark ocean theme. April 15, 2017 00:22 - Reply
Ergens zag ik op de hygge sjaal pauwenveren geborduurd. Helaas niet opgeslagen en kan het nu niet meer terugvinden.
Weet iemand misschien op welk blog of pinterest ik die kan zien.
Ik heb me suf gezocht.
Alvast dank voor de hulp. April 24, 2017 14:40 - Reply
Hi Florenel,

die heb ik niet voorbij zien komen, klinkt wel heel mooi! Ik denk dat je in de Facebook groepen het meeste kans maakt om terug te vinden! April 26, 2017 13:53 - Reply
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