Good morning my lovelies! What a couple of exciting days it has been! On Friday Scheepjes announced news I’ve been waiting so long to tell you: I’m was allowed to design the new Scheepjes CAL!

Hygge CAL

The 2017 CAL is called ‘Hygge’. Hygge is the Danish word for coziness. But it’s more than just coziness, it’s also being in a warm environment, being happy, comfortable and ‘just right’. I drew my inspiration for this CAL from Scandinavian motifs. It’s something you will recognize in the designs. It’s going be a warm, and comfortable shawl.

As you can see in the picture above, this CAL is unlike any previous CAL. It’s not only crochet, you see! In this CAL you will learn lots of ways to decorate a piece of crochet. By using textured crochet stitches, but also by using surface crochet and cross stitches! Yes, you read that right, Cross stitching! I was a novice cross-stitcher when I started designing, but it’s seriously doable and loads of fun! If I can learn it, so can you so don’t be intimidated by the idea. Esther from It’s all in a Nutshell will provide excellent instructional videos too, so there’s no reason not to join in the fun of this CAL.


There will be 3 kits for this CAL, each with its own selection of colours. We have the Rainbow kit:

and the jewel kit:

and last but not least, the pastel kit!

All kits will be available on February 1st of 2017. Some retailers, like Woolwarehouse, already take pre-orders. The CAL itself will start on February 15th. More information (and pictures!) on the CAL will follow soon. In the meantime, I suggest you join me and Scheepjes in the Facebook groups, where the active part of the CAL will take place. All the files will be downloadable from there and from too. Hope to see you there!

International group:


De sjaal is echt prachtig! Mooi werk! Heb je toevallig nog tips hoe je het kan dragen? Ik ben eigenlijk niet zo van de sjaals, maar Ik vind hem zo mooi dat ik misschien toch mee wil doen. Ben benieuwd hoe jij dat doet. In ieder geval echt een super mooi ontwerp. January 10, 2017 20:08 - Reply
Ik sla hem lekker om als een 'wrap'! Dus over mijn schouders, gekruist over mijn lijf heen. Zo blijft je torso in ieder geval lekker warm :) January 13, 2017 13:00 - Reply
Ana Sudy
I am sure Hygge is gonna be another great experience!!! Good start for summer vacations here in Chile. January 10, 2017 20:26 - Reply
Wow, wat een prachtig ontwerp. Ben doorgaans niet van het aanschaffen van pakketten, maar heb direct een voororder geplaatst.
Nu nog een beetje geduld hebben..... :-) January 11, 2017 20:38 - Reply
Jos van Kloska! Creatief
Wat een prachtig ontwerp, ik was op slag verliefd!
Ik ga meedoen met de regenboog variant. January 13, 2017 20:55 - Reply
susan Wright
Love this new CAL Can you purchase this kit (jewel) in the States? January 22, 2017 23:44 - Reply
Thank you Susan! Yes, LoveKnitting will carry the kits :) January 24, 2017 10:28 - Reply
Hi Kirsten

For the CAL will we be crocheting part of the wrap each week and doing a little embroidery too i.e. Embroidering ins tages as we go along. Or do we crochet the whole wrap and then the embroidery sections completed week by week? January 29, 2017 16:38 - Reply
Hi Margaret, it will be a bit of crochet and embroidery each week! January 31, 2017 14:59 - Reply
Moet wel heel veel geduld hebben. Ik heb heel vroeg een preorder besteld. Heb het garen nog steeds niet. February 15, 2017 12:08 - Reply
Bernadette Saint Dizier
Hello, Kirsten, I see a second quick video about bobble stitch this evening, about 5 mn . I wanted to look a new time the video Week 1, and i don t know how I find this second.
Now I try to find it for watching it quietly and impossible to find it on the Cal. Can you help me to find it?
And a huge bravo for your work! This is a great moment to follow your Cal. Many thanks.
Bernadette February 22, 2017 02:04 - Reply
Hi Bernadette, unfortunately I don't know which video you were looking at. But you can find the official CAL videos on, Below the pattern for each week! February 27, 2017 11:55 - Reply
Sue Smith
Hi Kirsten, I am too looking for week 1 video, I have the pattern downloaded and I am trying to work on the bobble stitch but I am finding it to crotchet over the thread between each bobble (mine is cream wool and the colours are showing through)
I just wanted to watch how you are doing it.

Please help as I am so far behind now, but just not happy with how week 1 is looking ( unravelled about 3 times already!! ) March 09, 2017 15:50 - Reply
Hi Sue,

don't worry too much about the instructions! If working over the coloured thread isn't working for you, simply leave it on the backside :) If you're going to line the piece (as we strongly recommend) you're not going to see it anyway! Remember, it's called 'Hygge' CAL so it should bring you joy and peace, not stress :) March 13, 2017 00:32 - Reply
Heleen van Arkel
Prachtige sjaal!
Ik heb de 'Simmy's choice' gekocht maar kan alleen de volgorde van de kleuren niet vinden die ik moet gebruiken?

Groet Heleen. April 27, 2017 16:06 - Reply
Hi Heleen, de volgorde van kleuren staat in de kleurentabel in de patronen. Bij de regel 'Deense zeemeermin' kan je zien welke letters corresponderen met welke kleuren van dat pakket :) April 30, 2017 16:23 - Reply
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