Good morning! Are you ready for week 9? We’re nearing the end already, only 3 more weeks of motifs to go after this week! Dedri Uys from LookatwhatImade has designed the oh-so-pretty square this week! It’s a nifty cable design with a rhythmical motion. She wrote a blogpost about it too!

Pattern & videos

Ok, so there are quite a lot of links to share for this square. First, you can find the pattern here (NL) or here (EN), or in the Facebookgroup. If you haven’t got a kit to make this, the kits are for sale at Woolwarehouse and Deramores, amongst others. Have you read the tips&tricks document yet? Make sure to do, it’s really useful! And if you have trouble with the written instructions, There are videos in both Dutch and English available, made by Esther from It’s all in a Nutshell.


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