Last time I showed you the backside and the colours of my new project. The backside on its own is already splendid, but you haven't seen the front yet.

I'm using a stitch that I haven't used before. But after working with it for a while I decided it's a keeper in the repertoire.

Such a stunning effect for so little effort, those are the stitches you want to remember!

This particular stitch is called the Alpine Stitch. It's a combination of Front post stitches and regular dc's to create a textured pattern that's just begging for a sweet colour palette. I went with shades of green, blue, purple and pink Catona to mix up a gradient that's repeated throughout the blanket. The beauty of this stitch is that because of the Front Post stitches the shades overlap slightly, enhancing the gradient effect.

Alpine stitch blanket

See what I mean? The colours do not have clearly defined lines but rather flow into each other. This is one of those patterns where you can't help but crochet another row, just to see how the colours develop!


This pattern creates a super crispy edge. I'm bordering the blanket, but you could easily do without and just leave it as is. The front post stitches tend to pull slightly inwards at first when the yarn isn't quite relaxed so I'm going to give it a proper blocking. On a side note, don't you just love how your whole room smells like Eucalan when you block? My blankets are usually drying on the table in my studio and I just love the hint of Jasmine that greets you when you open the door. 🌸🌸

I'm quickly going back to my crochet now, it's the perfect grey and dreary day for colour therapy. See you next time, with my finished blanket!


Oh dear. This colourway looks perfecfor my new living room. I hope you'll share all the details. The blanket looks absolutely wonderufl! <3 October 24, 2021 13:05 - Reply
Cannot wait for this pattern! I need a baby blanket for February. October 24, 2021 17:13 - Reply
Susan Gavigan
How big will your blanket be? October 24, 2021 20:19 - Reply
Hi Susan, about 110 x 90 cm but there are instructions to make it larger or smaller :) October 25, 2021 09:34 - Reply
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