When the Metropolis mini colour pack was released, I was in the middle of creating my Origami Blanket. And what do you do, when a yummy pack of colours comes along like that? You make rainbows!

The tricky part was getting the colours right. I made my original Origami Blanket in multiples of three rows, but with a colour pack like this, all rules fly out of the window. So after a day of fiddling, I got the combinations sorted. As I am also working on the Summer version of my Origami blanket myself, I couldn’t handle another blanket (unless Spring 2020 would be fine, of course). So my maker Jovita was kind enough to take the colourful work off my hands!


Because I had to work with the colours in the colour pack, the sizing is different from the regular Origami Blanket. The Rainbow version consists of ten rows and nine columns and measures 145 x 130cm (57 x 51in). It’s slightly smaller than the original blanket, but still large enough to use as a throw.


For this blanket you’ll need one Metropolis colour pack and five balls of Scheepjes Metropolis 024 Cota. Some people who crochet tightly will be able to make it with four balls of Cota and the 10-gram mini ball from the colour pack, but if you are like me and crochet on the loose side, you are going to need a bit of that 5th ball. No way around that without skipping rows and thus using fewer colours from the pack, unfortunately.

Get the yarn!

You can buy the Metropolis and the Metropolis colour packs via Scheepjes retailers such as:

Pattern and colour placement

You will follow the pattern for the original Origami Blanket. You’ll use all but nine colours from the colour pack, using each colour twice. If you stick to the original pattern’s gauge and use max 4.2 grams per triangle per colour, you’ll have ~1.5 gram per colour to join the squares. Because the colours of each square differ, you can’t use the continuous two-colour row join as in the original blanket, but rather join each square with its colour (and subsequently fasten it off). That’s a bit more work, but the result is worth it. If you run out of yarn to join, pick one of the remaining colours that is close to the colours you’re joining. It won’t be very noticeable.

For this blanket, I’ve created a separate printable colour placement. The numbers in the colour placement diagram are the colour numbers in the pack. You can download a printable PDF version of the colouring template here.

Free Crochet Pattern

You will follow the pattern for the Original Origami Blanket but use the colour placement information above. All the info has been added to the original pattern as well. You can find it in a separate PDF file attached to your pattern download!


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