Hey there! Just a quick message to show you guys what I've been working on for the past week!

My younger sister has moved into her own room last week, and she was asking me for a blanket to cover up her sofa/bed (this is not decided yet). And not just any blanket, but the same blanket I've made for my grandma last year. The blanket bore the name 'colour of my dreams', and since my sister might or might not be a little hot-headed (she's reading here so I have to be very careful) I've decided to make the same blanket with the addition of some red tones.

And now the best part; the Drops delight yarn used for this blanket was on sale! The whole month of May there is a 35% sale on many varieties of the garn studio yarns. So if you might use them, make a pitstop at your local retailer because in most countries they participate in this sale!

This is the yarn I've ordered. It's Drops delight in various tones, which is made of 75% superwash wool and 25% polyamide (a.k.a. acryl) and the colour changes are just beautiful!! Sorry for the crappy pictures, they were taken with my phone as my camera was back home at the time.

So far I've made about 33 squares, out of the 180-ish I have to make. The final blanket will approximately measure 90 cm x 200 cm, and with the squares being 10 cm x 10 cm this totals the 180... If it's really going to be this big I have to order about 4-5 skeins more. But we'll see in the end if this is necessary!

All stacked together... Just a playful mixture of colours!


Hi there! I just discovered your beautiful blog, and simply love all of your colourful creations. What a feast for the eyes, I'll be popping over here again soon for sure :)
Elle May 09, 2013 07:27 - Reply
Thanks! I try to post as regularly as possible (i.e. once a week at least). By the way, the banana bread on your blog looks de-li-cious!! May 09, 2013 13:59 - Reply
What a lovely pile of yarn! I have been thinking about ordering some Drops yarn while they have that sale on, but I have never tried it before, how do you find it to work with? I can't wait to see when the blanket is finished. May 09, 2013 13:21 - Reply
Hi! I find that it's not as soft as for example style-craft when it's in a skein, but it doesn't tickle (well at least it doesn't tickle me). I never had trouble with splicing threads. Sometimes, a small piece of yarn is sort of unraveled or not twisted properly and the crochet stitches will be a bit bigger there. Other parts are very thin (but not easily broken) and the stitches ofcourse become smaller, but I think that's part of the charm.

Overall it doesn't affect the size of the squares. Especially now it's on sale it's a great price for the skeins!

The drops fabel I use to join everything together is not as soft, it seems like it's engineered to be durable as it is ofcourse sock yarn.

I hope this is enough information haha, and if you want to know more just let me know! May 09, 2013 14:05 - Reply
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