As you might know, I'm one of the contestants for this week's Design wars! For this challenge, I have used a new yarn from Scheepjes called Merino Soft. A yarn I had seen and felt occasionally, but never really tried before!

I picked 6 colours, which was a hard choice, considering that Merino Soft comes in 48 colours. I went with the green and blue hues and a brown edging. All colours are named after famous artists, which gives me a palette (pun intended) of colours like Van Gogh, Soutine and Ansingh.

The yarn itself is a merino blend, meaning it's not 100% merino wool. I really don't mind blends, because 100% wool yarns are often difficult to clean and wash due to felting. The Merino Soft is made out of 50% superwash merino wool, 25% micro and 25% acrylic. It's very soft, and even a bit fluffy. as you can see in the picture below.

As it's very lightly twined, it might split a little bit if you're using a hook that's not suited to your tension and the yarn. You have to play with the yarn for a while to feel which hook size might work best for you, I ended up using half a hooksize larger than recommended (5.0 instead of 4.5 mm) and I had no troubles with splitting anymore.

Ok, so now I have to show you the best about this yarn: Each skein of Merino soft has one of these 'Easy starts'. Basically it's a label that allows you to pull the yarn from the centre easily, without having to search for the loose end in a yarn vomit. It's such a small addition but it takes away a lot of fumbling when starting the project. I wish all yarns had these!

All in all, I was very pleased with this yarn. It works up beautifully and thus far I had no problems with pilling. Wanna see what I made?

Can't show you the full design just yet... But stay tuned because it will be released on Wednesday!


Good luck with the challenge! January 22, 2016 08:15 - Reply
Good luck! January 22, 2016 08:16 - Reply
Beautiful colors! Aimée March 19, 2016 22:07 - Reply
Ik vroeg me af of je me misschien zou kunnen helpen om te kiezen tussen al die mooie verschillende bolletjes wol van scheepjes. Ik wil namelijk voor onze nieuwe maxi cosi een hoesje haken voor de handgreep en een dekentje. Zeker voor de handgreep moet het wol zijn dat niet gaat pluizen na veelvoudig gebruik.... en het dekentje geschikt voor een babytje. Ik zag dat je veel met hun wol hebt gehaakt en wilde je daarom om je advies vragen =) alvast erg bedankt! May 01, 2016 14:30 - Reply
Hi Fatemeh,

hmm, even denken! Uiteindelijk gaat alles pluizen als je het lang gebruikt, daar is niet zo heel veel tegen te doen. Ik weet wel dat de Stonewashed iets meer pluist dan andere garens dus die 'valt dan af'. Als het niet per sé wol hoeft te zijn, zou de scheepjes bloom (katoen) of Catona (gemerceriseerd katoen) misschien iets zijn. Zeker die laatste is vrij duurzaam en aangezien het 100% katoen is is het ook geschikt voor een dekentje! May 02, 2016 14:31 - Reply
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