The little things

It's the little things, like how my heart makes a happy jump whenever I open a Catona Colour packs. Those beautiful colours!

I don't know how Scheepjes does it, but the top layer contains most of my favourite colours in the range. It's like they just know which colours to choose for me!

Or another little thing, like when you can put together a delightful colour combination.

This new project I've been working on isn't a little thing though. I've been planning on making a new blanket with Scheepjes Catona. I'm sure you know this yarn is one of my favourites to work with. 100% mercerised cotton, available in loads of colours, and the 10g mini balls make playing with colour incredibly easy without breaking the bank for all shades.

Colour pairing

For this project, I'm not only selecting a rainbow, but I'm forcing myself to use nearly all colours from the colour pack. I did excuse myself from some of the brown, black and grey colours in the mix. Other than that, I'm making the most use out of the box as I can. To add an extra layer of difficulty, I'm pairing the balls up into two shades of the same colour that need to have enough contrast for my plan to work.

A good score

This is what my desk looked like for a couple of days. Arranging, switching, rearranging, until I noted all the final combinations. After that, more switching, second-guessing, rearranging... You get the gist. It was a lot of writing, but in the end, I got all the combinations I wanted. Forty-seven combinations, meaning that I used 94 out of the 109 colours (95 actually, because one colour will not be paired up). I think that's a good score, and I'll use the other balls for something else. Swatching, little decorative trimmings, things like that.

The process was heavily monitored by our little bread loaf, of course. Luckily she doesn't have a thing for kicking small balls around, or the process would have been infinitely more complex.

And now...

So I've got my colour situation under control, I've got the yarn, all that's left is the actual making! I'll show you my progress next time. One thing is certain: it will be colourful. Consider yourself warned!

Need a colour pack in your life?

Are you in need of a Catona colour pack? Check with your local Scheepjes retailer, or buy them online at:


Kim Holmes
Gorgeous colours. Inspiring me to start a new project when I can save up for the wool. Xxx August 09, 2020 20:40 - Reply
I have my Catona Colour Pack, Kirsten. Now just patiently waiting for your blanket pattern! :) August 09, 2020 21:52 - Reply
Yay :)! August 11, 2020 08:38 - Reply
Just what I was looking for to use my Catona pack. Can't wait! August 12, 2020 22:39 - Reply
This is exactly what I have been waiting for. So ready, such gorgeous colors. Thank you. September 04, 2020 20:27 - Reply
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