Curious what I was planning to make with the rainbow Bloom? It is something really useful!

The last cover I made for my tablet is looking a bit battered, you see. After a couple of years of being tossed around, thrown to the side and being used as a pillow for cats it was time for a new one.

The Bloom is pretty chunky, so it’s excellent for a sturdy cover!

Nobody can say no to a great rainbow, especially not me! So I started out with red, and worked my way up through the ROYGBIV to the purple shades. I’m going to incorporate some pinks as well! I’m using the bobble stitch. It’s a challenge to get them nice and puffy but I think I got it now.

I’m hoping to finish this project next week. But the bobble stitch works up pretty quickly so that shouldn’t be a problem!


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Looks lovely so far! I think I'm going to use a bobble stitch for a niece that'll be arriving later this year! :) March 08, 2015 17:41 - Reply
Mooi! Die bobble stitch lijkt me door zn volume ook wel wat meer beschermend voor je tablet :) Leuk idee! xx March 08, 2015 22:04 - Reply
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