It’s one of those days… Yes! New yarn has arrived. Remember I made the Primrose blanket? Well, I still had lots of lilac yarn left. So off I went and picked a complimentary colour. I love the combo brown and pink!

As you can see, I went with a dark brown. Just like the lilac it’s Invicta Extra, from Scheepjeswol. It’s very soft, and there’s 200 meters on a skein so it will take you a long way! It’s a blend of wool and polyamide, so it’s pretty warm and best of all, won’t tickle!

And since it’s fall again, I’m going to make a scarf. Although I’m not quite sure about the shape though. I need this to be a simple, sweet, don’t-think-just-do kind of project. So I’ll probably go with the triangle scarf. I’m thinking of a big section of pink for the body, and then brown for another couple of rows and the border! Now I only need to pick out a winter jacket to go with it this year… ;)


joke lieberom
Zou mooi zijn als je een soort cape maakte van fijne dikke wol dat is nu de modetrend en lijkt me heel fijn te dragen over de gebreide truien.Warme sjaal of muts is ook mooi. September 22, 2014 17:11 - Reply
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