It’s coming along slowly but surely… The stack keeps on growing. I need to catch up on my orange and brown motifs though, as you can see!

My hands have found the rhythm in this pattern and know if I made a mistake, even before my brain does. This is pretty funny because sometimes I actually have to look to my hands and think: ‘Why have they stopped? What’s wrong?’ before I see the mistake. It has kept me from finishing a couple of wonky motifs though!

The ScheepjesLinen soft is even more beautiful after it’s blocked. The motifs hold the shape of the diamond very well and I expect that once joined, the shapes will become even clearer.

I have started to play around with configurations! I’m trying to keep it as random as possible while trying not to let the same colours touch sides. It’s tricky but I think it is possible. Now I need to get on with the joining! I’ve saved a lovely shade of grey which looks good next to all the colours. Keep you posted!


O dit wordt zo mooi!
De kleuren en de sfeer doen me erg denken aan oosterste kruiden,
ik kan ze bijna ruiken... September 30, 2015 14:52 - Reply
Dat gaat zeker een mooie deken worden! Wat een mooie herfstkleuren en wat past het garen er goed bij. Ik vond het Linensoft best stijf aanvoelen maar kan me voorstellen dat het mooi past bij bepaalde projecten. Ben benieuwd naar het eindresultaat. Succes met puzzelen ;) September 30, 2015 18:48 - Reply
Can't wait to see it finished! October 03, 2015 15:51 - Reply
Deze zijn echt super leuk! October 04, 2015 15:30 - Reply
Are you going to share the pattern for this?
I love it! October 09, 2015 18:08 - Reply
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