Hi everybody! Last time I showed you guys the Cotton 8 yarn from Scheepjes and the plans I had to make a cowl out of it. In the last update of my sampler blanket you could see I used the Catherine wheel stitch. Although it didn't work out as pretty as it could be in my blanket, I was very curious to see how this stitch worked out with A) a smaller crochet hook and B) cotton instead of acryl. And since it has the potential to be a very pretty stitch, I decided this cowl was the perfect test-project. In the past week, there was a bright and sunny morning, so I made some tea, opened up my curtains and started crocheting! Bear with me, as the bright sunlight makes the lighter pinks look like white. The edging-photo is pretty accurate in colour!

Every day I try to steal a moment to work on it. I don't know what it is. There's something very soothing in creating a dense fabric from yarn. I don't think this particular stitch lends itself to a wide, loose cowl. It's a stitch that needs to be seen, right? So I figured I wouldn't make a cowl with a nonchalant drape, but rather one that snuggly fits.

Although the cowl is not yet finished, I already started thinking about the edging. Something pointy, as the stitch itself, is already round-ish. I love picots, I use them often in my potholders, and I think that I will use them in this project as well. The colours are not final yet, and maybe I will add a few rows of sc's or moss-stitch). Also, the purple row in the drawing should be vintage-pink (but ofcourse I don't have that colour in Sharpie...) This is just to give you an impression!

Although a scalloped edging is also sort of sweet... I'm not yet sure!


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