Hello everybody!! How are you doing today? I'm recovering from a cold I've had over the past week. Nothing major, but annoying nevertheless. However, feeling a bit under the weather is a great excuse to be lazy in the evenings and sit on the couch! Of course I'm accompanied by my trusty yarn and hook so I got lots of hooky time!

At the moment, it seems like I can't focus on just one project. Soooo many ideas were flying around in my head, that I've decided to just jot them down when I think about it. Mostly that is when I'm almost asleep, you know the most convenient time to get out of the warm bed and run to your desk to write down what you were thinking, trying not to freeze over. But in the mornings, I usually take some time to draw a picture of how my mind's eye sees it and that is resulting in many more variations!

Of course some of those ideas have to be created for real!

These are the WIPs I've got going on at the moment. The top right has popped up a while ago, but a week or so ago I finally found the time (a.k.a. daylight) to sew in all those nasty black ends. The bottom left is a baby blanket in progress. I love the combination of yellow (the white-ish colour is actually pastel yellow) with a few deeper colours like red and grape. Of course some squares still have to be added to make it a full-size blanket but I'm getting there! I think the colours are truer in the picture below.

I'm just bothered by the hexagon blanket. I cannot seem to come up with an idea for the edging. I've been trying to make half hexagons to fill up the huge gaps at the small ends, but they turned out crappy and I feel they did not do any justice to the blanket. So I'm thinking to fill the gaps with the black yarn, however, I'm afraid it turns out that that would transform the colourful blanket into a sucking black hole. So maybe I'll just border around with some rainbow colours? I'm not really sure yet. All suggestions and tips are welcome!!

p.s. If you want to get some more sneak peeks to new things I'm working on, you can follow the facebook page of Haak Maar Raak right here!


I think rounds of rainbow would look great around your hexagon blanket. I love afghans with uneven edges! February 21, 2013 13:45 - Reply
Yeah I'm leaning towards that as well! Might give it a try today or tomorrow! February 22, 2013 12:04 - Reply
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