Have you scored a Scheepjes Catona Colour pack, but you don't know what to make with it yet? I've rounded up all the patterns that I could find for the Catona colour pack in this post! The post gets an update whenever I find a new pattern, so check back regularly for more patterns.

1. Catona Blanket by Annavirkpanna

This beautiful blanket uses all colours in the Colour pack to create a beautiful rainbow gradient. You can find the free pattern on Anna's blog.

2. Button Blanket by It's all in a Nutshell

This beautiful blanket uses all the colours of the Colour pack, plus a little bit extra for the joining (and buttons, of course!). You can find the free pattern on Esther's blog.

3. Noelle Blanket on Haak Maar Raak

I've designed this rainbow gradient blanket. It most of the colours in the colour pack, plus a few extra balls for the joining and border. Find the free pattern here!

4. Majorelle Blanket by Happy in Red

Esther designed this beautiful blanket to use 10g of Catona for each row. Time to bust out your colour pack and create this stunning piece of art! You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

5. Wacky Wave Blanket by Jellina Creations

This beautiful blanket utilizes all the colours of the Catona Colour pack in this spectacular wave stitch and a few extra balls for the border and join. Find the free pattern on Jellina's blog.

6. Diamond Sofa Runner by The guy with the Hook

The Diamond Sofa Runner is a beautiful pattern published in one of the Scheepjes After Parties. You need a Colour pack and some extra yarn for the Mosaic rows and border. It's a paid pattern, available through Ravelry.

7. 2020 VVCal Blanket by Cypress Textiles

The VVCAL 2020 blanket was made in a different yarn, but Rachele wrote up a version using the Scheepjes Colour pack and a few extra balls of Catona. A magnificent make! You'll find the free pattern on her blog.

8. Rainbow Sea Waves Blanket by New Leaf Designs

Carmen designed this beautiful blanket with the Colour pack, using two different colour flows in opposite directions. You can find the free pattern on her blog!

9. Paint Box Blanket by The Patchwork heart

The original blanket is made in different yarns, but Be Inspired created the original pattern with all colours of the Colour pack, so clever! You can do that too - simply follow the original pattern instructions from the Patchwork Heart and substitute for the various shades in the colour pack.

10. Little Lily Baby Blanket on Haak Maar Raak

The Little Lily Baby Blanket is the Noelle Blanket's little sister. It uses most colours from the colour pack and some additional balls of white Catona to create this spectacle of colour - babysized. Find the free pattern here.

11. Colorful Coral Mosaic Crochet Blanket by Jellina Creations

The marvellous Colorful Coral blanket uses the Mosaic technique to create two-toned squares. A stunning and truly spectacular pattern! You can purchase the pattern in Jellina's shop.

Do you have any patterns to add to this roundup? Let me know in the comments below!

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