Silly me, thinking that life would quiet down a little bit after finishing college. Yeah, no. I’m still busy juggling my job, the remnants of my internship, social life, this blog and since a couple of days moving between houses! Well, I guess a quiet life would be boring, ha! So I’m keeping busy. And I’ve been keeping busy with my blanket as well! Last time it was halfway done. I’m happy to say that I’m pretty much done with the body now.

I don’t have pictures where the blanket is all spread out. But believe me when I say it’s huge, about 1.15 m in width and 1.90 in length! It feels very soft though, the Softfun really is true to its name.

I’m very happy with the addition of the blue tones. Although it’s not a colour that’s commonly used in vintage ripples (at least that’s what my reference pictures suggest) I still think it’s a good choice.

And now all that is left is the edging. As I told you before, I’m planning on making fringes. I have lots of tiny leftovers to use, so I’ll be alright!


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